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Loopsey provides a wide range of professional technology and computer services for individuals and businesses. From technology consulting, hardware deployment, support services and website design and hosting.
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Business - PC, Mac,
Networks, And More

Loopsey offers technology services for computers, networks, and mobile devices.  We offer customized solutions for new projects or ongoing needs. Even if you’re a small business your ability to access IT professionals familiar with business technology can be worth its weight in gold. From small offices to retail franchise location operators, Loopsey has you covered.

Managed Devices
Cloud Projects

Technology Service Provider

Managed IT Services

Contract or demand network and hardware services. Management of technology issues so you don't have to. That's the peace of mind that comes with Managed Services.

Cloud Solutions

Loopsey offers a wide range of Cloud-based storage, hosting, and team solutions. Cloud services can make it easier to backup data,share important files, and work as a team.


Cyber-attacks have increased exponentially since many companies transitioned to remote work. Data security action plans are more critical now than ever.


Losing access to critical data and applications can be a disaster. Things like ransomware attacks can destroy all your data in just minutes. Effective backups are crucial at all levels.


For many businesses in-house IT staff is simply not in the budget. This can result in down time, lost opportunities and be a continual headwind in productivity.


Having the technology you rely on available and ready when you are is critical. More than half of all IT projects fall short due to poor planning or lack of experience.

Website Design

We deliver impactful designs with dynamic responsive appearances on computers, phones, and tablets. Loopsey can also host your website.  

Individuals - PC or Mac

Loopsey offers professional-level solutions and support for individuals.  Even if you’re not a business it’s good to know you’ve got an IT professional to call when there’s a problem.  Our services range from professional on-site installation, configuration, and  ongoing support of home and personal technology products. We also offer computer management including anti-virus protection and backups.

Schools & Classrooms

Loopsey offers education IT services for computers, networks, and mobile devices. The hardware and technology challenges in education are unique and wide ranging. Loopsey can assist with education specific solutions including hardware deployment, device asset protection, digital student safety, and much more.